Friday, January 09, 2009


Things have been. Better that is. We finished the hall and stairs project. We hung the new light at the top of the stairs, over the landing. Had to build a scaffold out from the upstairs hall to the landing so we could foot a ladder and hang the light. I busted through the ceiling from the attic. I took power from the fixture that was at the very top of the stairs in the upstairs hallway. I J-boxed it under the attic floor and pulled some wire over to the new location. Having two fixtures hanging within ten feet of each other would be stupid. The area where the old light hung is now patched and a smoke detector will go there. It's very nice.

The new light fixture is pretty cool. It's big but it works in this big old house. It was our Christmas present this year. My wife and I don't exchange gifts. We get something for ourselves together. Usually something for the house. One year we got a nice stereo. Once it was the video camera. We got the table that one year and the Shep chewed on one of the legs when she was a puppy.

So I'm hanging this light on Wednesday night. I already had the box up and the wire pulled from earlier in the week. So I'm on the eight foot ladder on top of the scaffold. The ladder is level with the upstairs floor but well above the downstairs floor. Being up in the air like that never really bothered me. I'm careful.

So my ears pop. I feel like I'm losing my balance. I try to get down off the ladder safely and for the most part I do. Sort of, but that's not the important part. I call in sick because I have a midnight Pittsburgh run that night. I go to the doctor yesterday. It seems that the Eustachian tubes in both of my ears are filled with fluid. Now this happened once before, just about three months ago and the docs gave me meds to deal with it. It's back. So I'm off work today, I will return on Monday. If the meds don't work this time then the ear nose and throat doctor will do something else. I'm thinking like a drain snake down through my ears.

My wife is glad to have me home. We are getting along much better now. I am keeping in mind that she is not herself these days. I am doing what she wants done when she wants it done. That's a big one. That's the one that really seems to be making a difference. That's the one that lets her know I love her and I will do anything for her. My procrastination thing has to be put off for another day.

I will write again too. I will also go do a little target shooting like I did back when. I always enjoyed putting holes in targets. It's something I've been good at since I was very young. I need a hobby. Writing is my passion. I don't know if it will ever go anywhere and I don't care. I will always write. Target shooing is something that I'm good at. It's something I enjoy. It's a skill that I would like to stay on top of. Maybe enter some local contests. It's an outdoor activity, so this ain't the time of year exactly. Writing however.

Hey Tommy.


Blogger Just Me said...

Yikes. I'm glad you got down safely from the ladder.

Hobbies are good for the psyche, so I hope you can find time for the target shooting.

What does/did your wife like to do? If cancer treatment pulled her away from something she found relaxing or enjoyable, mabye you can find a way to revisit that.

A silly thing, but I got so bogged down with kids, bills, and transcripts that I hadn't read more than five books for myself in two years or more. It took me a while to figure out why I felt like I was losing my mind. I'd been reading all sorts of kiddie stuff, but nothing for me. Anyway, I'm much happier now that I've discovered blogs and unearthed my library card.

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