Sunday, March 15, 2009


Okay. So this picture was taken a long time ago. I redacted my face and identifying tattoos. I only wanted to post this image because it is the only picture I have of my 1981 Wide Glide.

I have come to the conclusion that life as I knew it then was not as great as I once thought it was. Looking in the rear view with rose colored glasses ain't always the right way to look.

So now it's 21MAR09.

Got the new tires on the old Jeep today. The tire guy gave me a rebate form to fill out. I mailed it on my way back home. Fifty dollar rebate from Cooper.

Great. The Parrot is screaming and my wife is trying to get some sleep. She forgot to take one of her medications last night. She took it this morning but it still messed her up. Missing the scheduled dose. I'll have to get him something good to eat. That usually works.

I drove down to Pittsburgh yesterday morning. I pulled an empty fifty-three down to ABC, next to the Fox Chapel Yacht Club. It's right on the river. Exit eight off twenty-eight. All I had to do was pick up the Daily's and Little Hugs. Kids drinks. Only fourteen pallets, about twenty-six thousand pounds. Nice ride. Nice day for it too.

Hey Tommy. Nope. I got nothin'. I'll try to write some more later.


Blogger um.... said...

...but the smile is nice.

hope everyone's doing as well as possible at your house.

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