Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gets Dark Early Now.

Sunday Evening:

Spring Ahead, Fall Back. We fell back a couple weeks ago. Just ran out to the store, had to get smokes. She's sleeping right now, goes in at midnight. I have to hang the attic door when she wakes up in about three hours. I can't do it now, attic door is right across from our room. One nice thing about early darkness, it helps her sleep better. I removed the slide out shelf thing from the one kitchen cabinet, she hates that slide out shelf thing. It's a tall narrow cabinet, has lots'a room inside, without that stupid slide out shelf thing. She asked me about removing it several weeks ago. Me bein' me, and procrastination bein' procrastination, well........Anyway, I took care of it this afternoon.

I have to go for now, just remembered something else she asked me to do a couple of days ago. I'm going to do it now, avoid that avoidance thing. That thing we call,...... procrastination....... Man, I hate that friggin' word....Yeah, so it's like ten after six ECSH. East Coast Squarehead time. Be back later.

So now it's Monday. She had a rough night at work, real busy. We talked some when she got home, after I took the little one to school. She's not that little anymore, she'll always be my little one. My wife is sleeping now, doin' my best to keep things quiet. The little one, she had a project due today. I helped her finish it on Saturday. She did all the work, I just helped her with some ideas. That made me feel good, bein' able to help.

I have to start writing again, for real. I mean blogging is writing, but. Well I have an idea that's been brewin' in the back of my brain for some time. I've been waiting for it to all come together, I know it won't, until I start writing it down. Wish I had more time to write. I'll start tonight after work, it will cut into my blog time. Oh well, it happens. Never enough time, same old.


Blogger Michael Patrick Leahy said...

So what are you writing ?

A memoir of your service in Desert Storm ?

1:42 PM  
Blogger Squarehead said...

Michael, thanks for stopping by.

No, not a memoir. Really isn't a lot to say about that. I write fiction. Fact based fiction. I have a manuscript that is being reviewed by a small agency now. Waiting to hear from them is driving me crazy. The book I'm starting on now is more like a guy kind of romance novel? If that makes any sense. It's going to involve coal miners.

Thanks for commenting Mike.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once I was going to a meeting for procrastinators -- but I didn't have time. Seriously, I don't procrastinate at all. I like to get up and get the words out. They are usually brewing at night and by the time morning comes, my fingers do the talking.

If I don't write, I go through withdrawal. It's that addictive -- in a good way. I guess what I mean to say is that as long as you write something, it is the quality, not quantity.

Keeping my fingers crossed on your manuscript. You have awesome writing skills.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Squarehead said...

Hey Alexys. It's not writing that I put off, it's just about everything else. I must admit though, I have been putting off this latest project. I guess I'm getting tired of rejection letters, and like I told Mike, waiting to hear from the agency is making me a little bit nutty. I'm back at it now, gonna lay down a few pages tonight before I hit the rack. Thanks for the support Alexys, it means a lot to me.

12:53 AM  

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