Friday, March 19, 2010


I was talking to my sister. She said that I'm facing what may seem to be an impassable brick wall. She said that on the other side of that wall is a garden. The garden leads down to the dunes an onto the beach. She said that I will get to the other side of that wall.

(I need some overhead imagery. How long is the wall? Do I go left or right? What's the quickest route. How thick is the wall. Can I breach it?)

I wasn't getting it. I never do. Then she tells me that when I'm driving back up to Jersey from Florida I should stop and stay at my niece's place when I get to D.C.

(...ring the bell...Hi! It's your recently suicidal uncle here for an unexpected visit. Got any ammo? Preferably hollow points. Wad cutters won't do. I might just wound myself then have to wait around and die from led poisoning.)

If I'm as far north as D.C. I'll just finish up the drive. It's close enough to Jersey. My swimmingly cosmopolitan niece does not need her uncle dropping by to disrupt her life. She would not agree of course. She's family. I'm just saying that there may be some better options.

(I have this blind cousin who still rides his old Triumph. He loves Zep. A blind Zep fan on a motorcycle. I love this country.)

I'll stop in North Carolina. My cousin lives lives there. Not too far from Fort Bragg. I can spend a night or two, it's about half the way up so it's a given. Maybe he'll let me ride one of his old bikes around.


Blogger Just Me said...

I don't think it's a wall you can get around or hurdle over. It's one you have to knock your way through. (Hey! Kool-Aid!)

I have a feeling, though, that the wall isn't all that hard to take down once you loosen a few of the bricks with your sledgehammer. The key is to stop worrying about its dimensions, and start working at it.

3:20 PM  

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