Monday, January 25, 2010


So last week I called the mental health section of the local hospital to make an appointment. I'm not sure how it works. Do I need a referral from my doctor? The answer is no. After asking me what kind of insurance I have they tell me I do not need a referral. Guess I have one of those "Cadillac Plans" that congress wants to tax.

Yeah, that's a great idea. Lets tax hard working people who have insurance while the plugs on Wall Street continue to pay themselves millions of dollars in bonuses with our money that many of them still have not payed back. Hey, are those useless skells in Washington going to pay taxes on their insurance plans? Are the plugs on Wall Street going to still be able to claim private jets and fancy vacations as business expenses? I have to be honest here. If the tax burden is equally shared, with every American shouldering his or her responsibility based on what we earn and what we can afford then I am all for it. I just have a sneaking suspicion that that's not what's going on here. Call me a cynic. I'm just sayin'.

I digress. It just occurred to me. I don't need therapy and we don't need health care reform. At least not the kind of reform that's being discussed. Not one single Washington skell is really looking out for us. They are all looking out for themselves and their rich friends, the plugs on Wall Street and the Insurance Vultures. The President wanted health care reform. He had some ideas that he wanted to implement. He talked about those ideas during his campaign. We The People put him in office. We gave him a majority in Congress and he decided to ask Congress to write the health care reform bill. He wanted the losers, the minority in Congress to have a say in the matter. When did the minority, when they were the majority ever give a rat's ass about what the minority thought? Never.

No. I don't need therapy and we don't need health care reform. What we need are pitch forks and torches. (That's a metaphor. Just trying to make a point.) Next time we go to the polls we need to throw them all out. That's the only way that the organized crime families, excuse me, the two major parties in this country who control everything and neatly divide and share power in a way that makes it look like they are adversaries even though they are really just the same big organization with one goal in mind and that is to screw We The People every chance they get, that's the only way they will ever get the message. Thank God for run on sentences and shit.

Okay. I'm done. So the girl who answered the phone at the mental health center said none of the doctors are available until April. She asked me if I could call back then.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with our health care system.


Blogger Just Me said...

Wait. She doesn't make an appointment for you for April but says merely to call back in April? What on earth for, so she can tell you to call back in June?

Maybe your family doc (or the doc's office staff) can give you some names.

Don't give up.

12:59 AM  
Blogger --V said...

April? Effing April?? And call back in April so that you can be told everyone's booked til July? She should have set up an appointment, at least.

Is there nowhere else you can call? Maybe a referral from your doctor might get you in somewhere faster than a cold call.

Lord that sucks. You finally get up the nerve to call somewhere an get rebuffed like that.

She has to be new. I can't believe standard practice is to just turn people away who need help 'cause everyone is "busy."

6:44 AM  

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