Saturday, January 09, 2010

Can't Think.

I never wanted this to be a blog about me. It was supposed to be like a journal. Random nonsense, stuff like that. I don't how it got here. Well I know but I don't like it. This blog was supposed to be my way of scratching my writer's itch. Nothing more than that. Now I've gone and put some real personal stuff out there. Can't say I'm happy about it. Don't want anyone to think I'm feeling sorry for myself or looking for attention. Having read some of what I've written I can see why someone might think the opposite.

I will get help to deal with the past. I'm just not sure that I want to write about it anymore.

Hey Tommy. Not much to say right now. I'm more than a little embarrassed. I think I'm just gonna keep this simple for awhile.


Blogger Rustys Mom said...

What's wrong with feeling a little sorry for yourself? You're having a really shitty time. Life is hard for you and your family right now and you're having to face things you would rather not. It's not easy but nothing worthwhile ever is.

I don't care what you write about, I like to read your writing style but sometimes things go a certain way for a reason. Do what you have to but remember to keep what's really important at the top of the list. You, your wife, your kids, in the end family is all you have, that's whats important. Make it work. You can do it.

I'll keep an eye and I'll read whenever your ready to write.

I can understand why you'd be embarrassed but you are dreaming if you think you're the only one this crappy stuff has happened too.


3:41 PM  
Blogger um.... said...

hi. it's Okay. remember me? i have been checking in here over the months, hoping that you'll post something. and now you have. and now i know that there's enough pain going on in your family to plow you all under. damn.

look. you love her. madly. please get your ass in gear and save yourself. save your marriage. imagine life without it, if you can. be horrified. then get MOVING. you're about 20 years younger than i am, and there's a lot of your life left to live. she may not be as lucky. make it count, my friend.

6:24 PM  
Blogger Just Me said...

For what it's worth, I didn't get the impression you were feeling sorry for yourself.

What the heck is a blog for if you can't write whatever's on your mind?

7:07 PM  

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