Saturday, November 18, 2006

Now I Feel Bad.

Things seemed to go pretty well, as far as the stress test went. First they shot me up with some dye and took pictures of my heart. Had to lay still for fourteen minutes with my left arm bent up over my head, they had to do it twice. So then I go over to another area where they hook me up to all these things. Nurse had to shave little round circles, like one and one half inch diameter circles at different locations on my chest and stomach. It looks pretty stupid, like I got attacked by a giant squid or something. Speaking of stupid, I just spelled "look" with two K's.

So as far as me bein' all ticked off yesterday at like 0600 when I wrote the previous post, the one about no coffee. Yeah, as far that goes, now I'm feelin' like a jerk. That happens to me sometimes. Of course every person there, at the hospital that is, could not have been nicer. The cardiologist who ordered all these tests was there too. The staff, from the radiological people to the nurses and the doctor were squared away, professional, kind and understanding. It made me feel even worse, knowing what I had been thinkin' about'em all just an hour earlier.

So when I left the hospital I hear Al Green on the radio. Man, don't you just love Al Green? Talk about puttin' a smile on your face. Al Green, yeah he can put a smile on your face.

Hey Tommy....Yeah, so I smoked that friggin' tread mill test but good.......That's right bro, those medics were tellin' me they had to get my heart rate up to at least 150. They had to tilt that thing all the way up and have me almost runnin' to get it there.......Yeah, the wires were fallin' off me, they were hookin'em back up while I just kept movin'........That's right man, they were apologizing to me, sayin' it don't normally take that long to get your heart rate up to 150. I ask'em do they want I should do some push-ups?.......Yeah, my BP was 110/70 at the start, like always. The highest it got, when they finally got my heart rate up to 151, the highest my BP got was 122/84.........Yeah bro that's right, I still got it.....Dude, you should have seen that doctor's face man. Guess he's more used to older patients......Yeah, this one nurse, the one who shaved me, she noticed the ink when she was shaving me. She asked me about the army, I didn't tell her much, just that I was in once. So after the test, and I'm not even breathin' hard, she asked me if we ran a lot in the army. I just said yes..........Yeah that's right man........Yeah, you remember that hill?.......Yeah, that old lifer was right when he said that.........You ain't kiddin' Tommy........Yeah, I got stuff to do too........I go back to the cardiologist on 04 December at like 1230 hours......Yeah, he's goin' to give me the skinny on all these test results then......Well he said he's goin' on vacation so he'll see me when he gets back......Yeah I did ask him. He said no, it's nothin' to worry about. He said if he thought there was some kind of problem then he wouldn't be waitin' 'til then, he'd be seein' me right away, before he goes on vacation......Yeah, that's what I figure. Or, the friggin' EKG machine was broken to start with......Cool, catch you later bro.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're part of some freaky science project. Makes the creative juices flow. Hope you got some coffee after it was over. Yeah Al Green is the man. "Take Me To The River, So Tired Of Being Alone, Still In Love With You." A few of my favorites. Music is paramount to my existence. A great time marker. We ususally can remember exactly what we were doing when certain songs play.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Squarehead said...

So right Alexys, it does make the creative juices flow. Yeah, Al Green. I have never heard an Al Green song that I didn't like.

2:54 PM  

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